Introduction of Tonglu Mentoring Ministry

Dear brothers and sisters,peace be with you.

Tonglu mentoring ministry is a caring ministry for returnee Christians. Its main purpose is to call a large group of loving and caring volunteers who are mature in faith and experienced in life to be mentors. The mentors will take special care for the returnee Christians in all aspects including faith practice, work, and daily life while patiently accompanying them on their life journeys.

As the name implies in Chinese, “Tonglu” means “journey partner”. The main ministry of Tonglu is to call:

  • Mentor volunteers: those who are willing to become mentors will build relationships with the returnees as their trustworthy partners, encourage each other with life testimonies, and accompany them on their journeys.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please click here.

(2) Returnees: If you are a returnee (or prospective returnee) Christian (or serious seeker) who are facing various problems (in areas including faith, emotions, daily life, work, and interpersonal relationships, etc.) , and if you would like to receive help and support from spiritual elders,  we invite you to join the Tonglu ministry as a mentee.

If you are a returnee (or prospective returnee) and would like to become a mentee, please click here.

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